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Our creator: Sulin Sze

Hi Everybody,

I’m Sulin and in 2018 I started running wildcrafting walks, sharing knowledge gained over nearly two decades in herbalism and making medicines with plants. My vision was to create community, because the healing potential of what we do is amplified when we do it together! Last year I started running boutique  workshops showing people like you how to make elixirs, ointments and various delicious medicines and a year later things became more structured, with the development of fully online  courses rich in video content, enriched with ancient teachings of herbalism and the insights that modern science has afforded us. 

I reside in the northern beaches of Sydney with my family and I run a Naturopathy/Herbalism practice along with writing/teaching in Advanced Diplomas and Degrees. Every day I am in contact with the future generations of herbalists, and I see that the desire to connect with the ‘medicine’ of plants is what keeps them going through the many hours of study required to finesse this practice.  Formal education in herbalism is more dynamic than ever, it’s always changing. WMA is about bridging gaps in learning,  always remaining true to the original reasons that we study herbalism (i.e connection with the plant world) and lastly, creating ways for you to connect physically with plants. I really hope you love what these courses have to offer and that over time, as my team grows, that WMA will continue to be your trusted resource in your journey of learning.

X Sulin


Our courses

Our courses are alchemy in action and aim to transform. There are three guiding principles that drive each and every WMA course, that distinguish us from other online herbalism offerings: 

  • Carefully curated: We bring beauty to everything we do. We choose to adopt the Beauty Way and we trust that this will deepen your journey with us, walking together in beauty to create a world where plants are revered. 
  • Content-rich: Our courses are not empty promises of ‘learning’…. because its not the end point that defines your expertise in any field, its the journey you take to get there. So we invest our all in creating ‘content-rich’ learning journeys for you. 
  • Rigour: For the modern herbalist, it isn’t enough to just tell you how things were done a hunderd years ago. That’s a textbook authoritarian approach that we feel can only take you so far. So our content is heavily researched, fully referenced and in many cases, an original spin. 



Created with care, delivered with love


Our videographer & tech guy

Mark is our dedicated videographer, sound man, website guru and all round amazing guy.  A lot goes into creating an online learning platform that you don’t see, so we are eternally thankful for having him to guide us in this process. Though he’s way too humble to say that himself so I’m writing his bio for him. 

Mark has been the driving force behind the video demonstrations and the beautiful ritual elixir video that you find in the Elixirs online course. He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge in technology and communications, online learning and of course, videography.

He hopes you get as much joy out of learning from his videos as he had making them!

: )


Our partners

To support your journey in herbalism we have some trusted high quality providers that are delighted to offer WMA students discounts off their products. Just sign up and get your WMA details and order to your hearts content!

  • Austral herbs in NSW have an extensive range of dried herbs, nutrients, flowers and mushrooms, and are our chosen supplier for the dried herbs featured in our courses. They offer organically farmed herbs and deliver them to your door safe and sound. Their online shop is a joy to peruse! Austral Herbs are offering WMA students a 10% discount on their herbal purchases.


  • The Herbal Connection in QLD proudly offer a large range of organic and NASAA certified organic herbs, spices, tea blends and botanicals for online ordering. They are delighted to offer WMA students a 5% discount on their purchases ($75 minimum).


  • Mudbrick Herb Cottage in QLD are dedicated to growing high quality, nutrient rich herbs, spices, essential oils plants and more. They lovingly package their herbs and deliver them straight to your door in a jiffy so that you can have the flourishing herbal garden you’ve always wanted. They are our trusted supplier for medicinal plants featured in our upcoming Botany & Wildcrafting course. Mudbrick cottage are offering WMA students a 10% discount on purchases through their website.


  • New Directions in NSW are your go to for a range of bottles, jars, packaging items, cosmetic herbs, oils, emulsifiers and raw ingredients for cosmetic product manufacture. They are our chosen supplier for many of the packaging and presentation items you will find in our courses. New Directions are offering WMA students a 10% discount on their purchases

To help your inner medicine maker flourish!

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