WMA Audiocast Leaf Anatomy

Audiocast: Leaf Anatomy

Learn about Leaf Anatomy in more detail in this audiocast

Presented by Sulin Sze, Creator of the Wild Medicine Academy, this audiocast begins with the function of leaves and then goes on to discuss and outline leaf parts, their functions and positioning as well as leaf arrangement and attachment styles. Perfect for the beginner botanist wanting to be clear on leaf anatomy and for the purposes of informing plant identification and using botanical keys. 

Click below to play the audiocast. Reference slides are also provided below that you may wish to refer to as you listen. 

Enjoy Green Hearts!

X Sulin

WMA Audiocast Leaf Anatomy


  • Knowledge of the different leaf arrangement and attachment styles
  • The ability to identify and describe the parts of a simple leaf
  • Relate the function of leaves to their morphology

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