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Reimagine the herbal infusion and create delicious, efficacious herbal blends for a range of uses in internal and external herbal preparations

Sit back and relax as I take you into the world of a delicious, easy to prepare medicine that suits all ages. The herbal infusion. A simple tea? Just wait, there’s a lot to infusions that many of us have yet to discover. The Art of the Infusion is an invitation to you to step into my bewildering world of herbalism, where creativity abounds and the possibilities are endless. Prepare to be AMAZED by the number of ways you can prepare and use herbal infusions in your daily life to boost your vigour, nourish your insides, and even to self-connect and ultimately, to heal. In this webinar you be treated to a rich tapestry of herbal knowledge, ideas and inspiration. The webinar includes Q&A.

Infusions have been around for thousands of years. We delve into the history of medicine making to see where infusions fit in, and what the role of water as a ‘solvent’ is. We talk about chemistry, energetics and more…

We take you through the process of turning your infusions into potent medicines, considering dosage, natural additives and synergy. What more could you ask for in a medicine making webinar?! We’ll get you revamping your daily infusion so that you are making delicious and enriched medicines in a cup in no time!

Shatavari & Fig Latte

Want inspiring recipes so you can get straight to it? We’ve got lots of recipes to share with you, and Sulin runs through the therapeutic aspects of each including her formulation approach to herbal ‘teas’ for anybody planning to put this knowledge to work creating medicinal teas and gifts.

In the video below, find out how ‘Art of the Infusion’ does something completely original and unique for a webinar, bringing nuance to your infusion making. It’s a bundle of insights, professional manufacture tips and more in a handy 1 hour presentation.

How the 'Art of the Infusion' can bring complexity and nuance to your herbal infusion making...


  • Become an expert in herbal infusions, understanding the concept of an infusion and the role of infusions in natural medicine
  • Know how to prepare herbal infusions via different processes, for various medicinal purposes
  • Understand the role that plant chemistry (phytochemistry) plays in infusions and how to select the best herbs for medicinal infusion making
  • Revisit your home tea collection after this seminar with full and wild confidence in the healing abilities of herbal infusions for body and soul
  • Realign your infusion making with a personal health and wellness agenda and raise the healing potentials of your daily infusion ‘medicine’
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