Elixirs (Part 1) – Modules 1 & 2

To make learning accessible and easy for everybody, we have split the Complete Elixirs course into two parts so that you can sit back and enjoy two modules at a time. This is the first 8 units of the Elixirs course for one up front payment. For more information on the Elixirs (Part 1) course Рmodules 1&2 including the curriculum click here



The first part of the fully online Elixirs course is comprised of 8 units over 2 modules and is rich in video demonstration, recipes, downloadbles and literature to support your transformation into a Master Elixir maker. Module 1 and 2 focus on consolidating your understanding of the elixir and concept and product, sourcing ingredients, manufacture aspects and beginning your first set of elixirs. You can find the module information and more on the course page here. We hope you love this course! It is a journey into the art of medicine making.

Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • Once you have purchased and gained access to a course, no refunds are granted.
  • The course content is available for one year after purchase.
  • This course provides the necessary skill and experience to make your own elixirs, however the recipes, labels and PDF downloadables provided in the course cannot be sold commercially by you or traded for profit as they are the copyright of Wild Medicine Academy (2020)
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