Elixirs Module Books (Set of 4)

Complete your Elixir learning experience with our four, full colour and professionally bound module books. There is one book per module, covering you for the complete Elixirs course. These beautifully presented and illustrated books will allow you to sit back and immerse yourself in the world of Elixirs with hundreds of pages of learning and inspiration pertaining to elixirs. The module books also include printables:

  • Recipe cards
  • Monographs
  • Labels (however they are not sticky)
  • Materia Medica


Please note: only available to those currently enrolled in Complete Elixirs Course.

Please email us for time and cost details if you require overseas shipping (outside of Australia)


Availability: Out of stock

Only available to current students of the Elixirs Complete Course. Please do not purchase unless you are currently enrolled as we will be unable to honour the purchase.

Cost is inclusive of shipping within Australia. Currently only available in Australia.

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