Heroines of Herbalism Herb Bundle (1 per enrolment)


From the Apothecary to you!

We want to make the experience of Elixir making both joyous and flowing, so this selection of premeasured, organic raw dried herbs will provide all of the herbs required for you to complete the Heroines of Herbalism recipes in this course. All herbs are carefully and lovingly packaged just for you.

  • Only available to Heroines of Herbalism course purchasers (complete or partial course)
  • One box per person

The Heroines of Herbalism Herb Bundle contains all 13 herbs required for the elixir preparations in this beautiful and sumptuous course. There is no need to measure anything, as it is all premeasured for you and carefully packaged. It is recommended that you purchase this kit for the course, however, it is not compulsory.

Please note that this kit is dedicated to the Heroines of Herbalism elixir making course, and is not available for general purchase. Only course purchasers are able to order one kit for the completion of the course. Should you accidentally order this kit without the Elixirs course, don’t worry. Orders processed by error will be refunded and the order voided however a very small admin fee will be charged to cover our payment gateway costs.

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