Heroines of Herbalism

Discover how three women changed the face of herbalism throughout time while making delicious elixirs along the way. Study at your own pace with a combination of theory with video lectures, practical medicine making with explanatory videos and meditation. There’s something in this course for the mind, body and heart. Throughout the course you will make elixirs inspired by three great women herbalists. Created by Sulin Sze.

You can purchase the full colour Module Book here.

For more information on the Heroines of Herbalism course including the curriculum see the course page.



Heroines of Herbalism is a journey into three great women herbalists, medicine making and historical landmarks in herbalism. It’s a fully online theoretical and elixir making course and is comprised of 3 units with a bonus unit to make this offering extra special. Created by Sulin Sze, a clinical naturopath and herbalist who has devoted nearly two decades to supporting womens health naturally. She also lectures and writes educational content for naturopathic degree programs.  This beautiful, relaxed and expansive learning journey offers video demonstrations, video lectures, recipes and recipe cards, a full colour module book fully downloadable (or you can purchase the book in hardcopy).  You can find the course information in the course description accessed via the course list. Dried herbs can be purchased from Austral Herbs or your favourite local dried herb retailer. We hope you love this course!

Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • Once you have purchased and gained access to a course, no refunds are granted.
  • The course content is available for one year after purchase.
  • This course does not cover herbal extract making fundamentals. If you are new to herbalism it is best to first do our Complete Elixirs course, or at least, the first two modules of the Elixirs course. Herbalists or previous WMA elixir students along with current herbalism students who have completed herbal manufacture will find the preparations straightforward and inspiring.
  • Please note that the recipes, labels and PDF downloadables provided in the course cannot be sold commercially by you or traded for profit as they are the copyright of Wild Medicine Academy (2020)
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