Myrtaceae Family Webinar

This 1.5 hour webinar is a deep dive into redefining and reimagining the herbal preparation known as the ‘infusion’. We look at concept, technique and preparation approach to give you new ideas and inspiration with your infusion making, so that you can incorporate these simple, classic herbal preparations into your daily rituals, client treatment protocols, and beverage recipes. The webinar includes Q&A and a handout booklet along with webinar slides for easy reference.



Join me as we open up a new chapter in your journey in herbalism, our own Native Australian Materia Medica! The Australian biosphere is dominated by Myrtaceae species, many of which possess therapeutically useful phytochemicals and a profound ancient history of indigenous use. It’s time we dive deep into the world of the Myrtaceae family, discovering how these plants can provide the inspiration and means for future Australian herbalists and natural products makers to create a whole new world of plant medicine using locally grown and sustainable practices with our native materia medica. We’ll cover everything from the botanical features of the Myrtaceae family so that you feel confident recognising this species in the wild, to therapeutic uses as well as the current deadly threat of myrtle rust. This is an opportunity to better understand and love the medicine that is literally in your backyard. The webinar allows time for Q&A.

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