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Wildcrafters and wild medicinal plant lovers need a handy reference guide to ensure correct plant identification of plants in the field. With years of experience writing and delivering wild medicine walks and lectures, Sulin has created a satchel sized book that covers all the botanical and medicinal aspects of a selection of wild medicinal healers. Recipes (both culinary and medicinal) provide inspiration and direction for how to best utilise each medicine after harvesting. The biggest challenge in wildcrafting however, is plant identification, and very few, if any, wildcrafting field guides can provide the detailed botanical descriptions of each plant that this book does. Perfect for wildcrafters, foragers, those who like to grow their own medicines and herbalists and naturopaths who like a sustainable approach to herbalism. Read below to discover more about the Wild Medicine Guide Book.

  • The Wildcraft Book has being updated to a beautiful, full colour book and is currently in print run! Orders placed now guarantee your copy, which will be posted mid March 2022.



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This essential field guide for medicinal herb wildcrafters provides detailed botanical and medicinal information on specially selected wild growing medicinal plants. In the first section of this book you’ll cover all the basics of BOTANY from root, stem, leaf, flower and fruit features to naming conventions and more. In the second section you’ll learn in great detail, the features and therapeutic applications of five commonly found, non-endangered medicinal plants: Dandelion, Sow Thistle, Lesser Plantain, Chickweed and Cleavers. Recipes and images complement in-depth botanical descriptions and phytochemical profiling for each plant. You’ll also learn about their harvesting and growing requirements.

Beginning with an overview of botanical terms, concepts and plant structure and followed by a blend of monographical, botanical, phytochemical and therapeutic information on each plant. Copious illustrations and photographs taken in the field and while manufacturing medicines, provide plenty of references for plant identification in the field. Recipes are provided to inspire along with instructions for creating tinctures with dosage information.

The original Wildcraft Guide was updated with additional information and photographs in 2022 and is now available for pre-order. In stock early March 2022.


  • A World of Magic and Medicine
  • Botany for Foragers
  • Medicinal Plants
  • References

Published: Wild Medicine Academy (formerly Wild Medicine Way) 2018, revised 2022

Page count: 96 pages

Author: Sulin Sze

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