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Our mission is to deliver content-rich and masterful courses in plant medicine that connect the inner healer in you with the world of medicinal plants. With a range of entry level and practical courses we seek to provide anybody with an interest in herbs with the skills to make efficacious plant medicines. 

Our courses are experiential and immersive, lovingly curated by herbalists with experience in herbalism theory, medicine manufacture and the sciences. You can use our courses to deepen your mastery in practical herbalism, weaving the dream of your own home apothecary into a reality. Herbal students can use our courses as bridging courses, enhancing and rounding out formal herbalism training by broadening botanical and manufacturing expertise. 

We are not just about short courses. Much inquiry, reflection and passion goes into our course materials, which are both bountiful and beautiful. 

Our vision is to realise the power and intelligence of plants to bring us to a deeper state of connectedness with nature through which we heal ourselves and the planet. 

Open the doorway to the world of plant medicine, the wild medicine way. 

Academic Quality Learning Materials

Content-laden courses with academic quality learning, all fully referenced...not to mention the printable module books, recipes and monographs.

Practical Skill Emphasis

Did your formal training give you enough practical experience? Develop, deepen or polish up your practical skills in herbal medicine making in the tradition of the herbal apothecary.

Video Rich Content

Enhance your learning with our video-rich delivery style! Our video courses take you patiently and carefully through the process of manufacture of each featured medicine, step by step.

Hey Plant Lover,
Elixirs is here!

Wild Medicine Academy is launching with the online ELIXIRS course, a rich and delicious journey into herbal medicine making that is:

  • Personally and professionally transformative
  • Skill and goal focussed
  • Productive – start your own collection
  • Video rich

Available once off or pay per month. Find out more on the course page here

Learn Botany!

Here’s a taster from the WMA Botany & Wildcrafting Course

The perfect online course for plant lovers wanting to wildcraft and create their own medicines, herbalists wanting to get back to grass roots and refine botanical knowledge and anybody interested in sustainable herbalism is coming soon to WMA.

This course will feature a comprehensive wildcraft materia medica and have a strong focus on sustainable herbalism. Stay tuned for more infomation on this content-rich course. Meanwhile, check out our free 5 minuter educationals on the blog or dive into a course right now!  oncourse page here

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We can’t wait to welcome you to our community, wherever YOU are!

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Go ahead and sign up for a course anytime, there are no fixed start dates!

Nature lovers

We are growing a community of nature lovers and stewards. Come join us!


You will love how information deep, richly resourced and competitively priced our courses are. 


We invite you to relax into learning with WMA and  enjoy learning with us at your own pace.

Audio Visual

Deepening your mastery of medicine making is made easy with our high proportion of imagery, video instruction and presentations

Defined goals

We ensure every WMA course meets the same academic standard with clearly defined learning goals and research rigour.


You will LOVE our information rich module books, recipes and more, available for you to download and enjoy


Our teachers and writers are highly experienced and respected in their field, commited to enriching your experience in herbalism from newbies to professionals

Special discounts

Purchase a WMA course and receive a further 10% off wholesale with our most respected herb, equipment and potted medicinal plant suppliers. Amazing!

What our students have to say about Wild Medicine Academy courses

‘Sulin is undoubtedly one of the most authentic, inspiring and nurturing teachers I have come across. Her passion for herbal medicine and naturopathy is infectious, generously sharing her years of knowledge and experience with her students. She creates a supportive space which encourages individual learning and growth and I couldn’t recommend her as a teacher more highly’
Kerryn Rayner
Naturopathy graduate
Sulin is a very knowledgeable and well rounded teacher and health practitioner. Her understanding of the therapeutic use of herbs is enriched with anthroposophical and ancient wisdom that is only possible as result of true passion, years of dedication and mastery. When it comes to teaching Sulin is pragmatic and engaging. Her classes are rich in content and always leave you inspired and wanting for more. Thank you Sulin for creating this magical space and sharing your wisdom with the world. Every minute and word of content in here is precious
Monica Brandariz Sanchez
Naturopathy graduate
"The elixir and heroines of herbalism sessions with Sulin were absolutely amazing. Sulin shares her knowledge and wisdom in such an intuitive and heart centred manner. The courses really give you a great understanding of the practical aspects of medicine making, contraindications, methods, dosage, shelf life ect, as well as delve into the more esoteric realms of plant medicine. It’s feels amazing to now have the practical skills to make my own elixirs at home for a variety common health ailments. Thank you Sulin x"
Shirin Ozcu
Heart Therapies
"Sulin is a brilliant teacher and has a wealth of knowledge. She’s dedicated, enthusiastic and guides you through the process in a very enjoyable way. She opened the session with a short meditation and provided little treats. I loved the little colourful booklet she prepared for us with all the information needed for the workshop. Botanical formulas are nature’s remedies and with her vast knowledge, Sulin connects nature and health in these workshops. I highly recommend you attend"
Ayelet Center
Herbalism graduate
"Loved loved loved making herbal elixirs at the Wild Medicine Academy workshop! We spent three hours learning about the properties of different herbs, how to combine them into various herbal remedies, and then making our own elixirs. Sulin is a great teacher who is very knowledgeable about the plant world (and the loveliest person you will ever meet!) and shared with us many tips and tricks about getting the most out of each plant. The whole experience was beautifully curated and organised with great care and attention given to every detail. Thank you for the beautiful experience and I cannot wait for another one!"
Dominika Ferenz
Photographer and Film-maker
"The Elixir workshop was a delicious journey of discovery into the wonderful healing properties of plants. Sulin created a beautiful space where she shared her knowledge, experience and passion for natural healing. The combination of creating and tasting your own healing elixirs was such an empowering process. A workshop suited to anyone who wants to discover the amazing properties of plants."
Jo Moore
Herbalism graduate
"From the very first moment of the Elixirs workshop I knew I was in the most capable and compassionate hands. They say the god is in the details, well in this case, the goddess was well and truly present. Experiencing this workshop was a delight for all the senses and invigorating for the mind. I now feel confident and excited about recreating the Elixirs on my own and sharing with my family. I heartily recommend!"
Bronwyn Lim
Actor, Singer, Director, Writer
"Sulin is a phenomenal teacher as is the wisdom she shares in her elixir workshops. She has such a graceful way to share her knowledge about plant preparations and their therapeutic properties. The Elixir workshop is a ritual manufacture experience. I learned a lot mixing and preparing beautiful herbal combinations which I could easily incorporate in my everyday life after I finished the course. It is also worth to say she is a great graphic designer, so you will end up with colourful, beautiful and detailed memories of the workshop to take with you so you can practice your new alchemist skills at home. I loved it so much. It was a very inspiring and mystic experience. I highly recommended for those who want to have access to the beautiful gifts of medicinal herbs. Thanks Sulin, I feel grateful to have you as a tutor in this herbal journey. "
Monica Sierra
Herbalism student
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