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2023 naturopathy & herbalism mastery program
sulin sze mentorship in herbalism

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The Herbalism Mastery Mentorship and Supervision Program is a 5 month transitioning program that bridges formal education and professional practice. It’s designed for students attending their final or second-final year of formal study in Herbal Medicine and/or Naturopathy, as well as experienced practitioners and graduates who have been inactive in the industry for a period of time and are looking to re-engage and/or recommence practice. Watch the video below for a walk through of the program. 

Interested? Get in touch using the link below. Access to this program is simple, pop us an email. There’s no better time to cultivate the rich, authentic, creative and compassionate practice you’ve been dreaming of!

Next intake: Jun 2024 

More about the Herbalism & Naturopathy Mastery Program

Our Naturopathy & Herbalism Mastery Program was created by a Naturopath, East-West Herbalist and educator with decades of experience in clinical practice and devising educational content for formal training in Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine. Bringing together her training in western natural medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Sulin has curated a journey of discovery for your mind, soul and senses to refine your offering in the natural health arena.

Listen to Sulin explain the 5 modules of the program, and what your take aways are. She’ll tell you why this program is unique, and what sets it apart from traditional mentoring programs.

This program is developed by naturopath, herbalist and educator Sulin Sze, who creates and delivers educational content for leading complementary medicine educational universities and colleges in Australia. Sulin is a Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

From Sulin’s observations through teaching together with student feedback there are four key problems with transitioning to practice that many graduates will face. Having both clinical skills along with a strong sense of individuality and conviction of purpose are equally important to the naturopath or herbalist who seeks a life-path, rather than a ‘job’. Areas this program seeks to assist in specifically are:

  1. Understanding how to personalise a treatment protocol with in depth traditional diagnostics
    1. Moving beyond generalised protocols to matching foods and herbs to a particular constitution (Ayurvedic). Students get stuck on how to tailor an existing protocol to suit their client, while keeping the protocol simple and affordable and avoiding interactions or adverse effects.
  2. Extemporaneous manufacture
    1. Actively learn the preparation of common herbal medicines for extemporaneous manufacture with GMP. Current herbal manufacture courses do not provide extensive opportunities for students to feel comfortable making their own medicines, and they get stuck on formulations which requires understanding of plant energetics and qualities (Eastern systems of herbalism can provide this).
  3. Curating a brand and communicating unique selling points both physically and in the online realm
    1. Step by step processes provided to take the students from concept creation to logo, website and photo creation. Develops materials.
    2. Reflective and meditative processes employed to help participants understand who they are, how they want to practice and what differentiates them from other practitioners. Develops purpose and confidence. Some students feel overwhelmed upon completion of their studies, and may feel lost in an increasingly competitive industry. Defining who they are, their purpose and specific offering gives them a pathway to discovering their niche.
  4. Becoming a master of many skills
    1. Graphic design, audio editing, website platform selection, photography and videography basics are provided.
    2. Terms and conditions, privacy policy and other legalities
    3. Payment systems, booking systems, courier services and other practicalities
    4. Having the skills to create their own marketing materials, understanding the basics of their own website and image creation builds confidence, reduces costs and streamlines the content creation process. In one month we create an achievable ‘online presence’ plan that participants work through step by step in their workbooks, generating the content they’ll need for a website and other marketing materials.

This program seeks to take the concept of mentorship into a very practical space, moving beyond additional theory and protocol development, into the development of the individual practitioner and their unique offering, an essential component of being able to define their niche and compete in the currently dense and competitive online setting.

Sulin Sze naturopath

About your facilitator

The developer of this program is naturopath, herbalist and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Sulin Sze (creator of HERBALWELL). She brings together years of clinical naturopathic experience fused with eastern approaches to herbalism, combined with a background in website building, photography, videography and digital imaging, and teaching and writing educational content.

Complementing her formal training with post graduate training in evidence-based complementary medicine management and prescription, Sulin possesses a range of practical skills and wisdom that are relevant to current naturopathic practice. She practices a fusion of east-west herbalism incorporating holistic diagnostics, herbal energetics and Taoist philosophy.

In an image-dominant world where many new graduates are competing for an audience through social media and online presence, Sulin’s skillset is well positioned to help them achieve the transformation into practice that they are seeking. 


  • 5 modules
  • 10+ lectures
  • 5 content-rich module books
  • Monthly group coaching session with Sulin
  • 10+ guided meditations, visualisations and journeys
  • graduation ceremony
  • many more resources, models and business development tools to support your transformation
  • Start date: Mar 2023 for 5 months
  • Cost: $1500 AUD
  • Eligibility: applicants ideally have completed 1-2 years of formal education in Naturopathy and/or Herbalism.

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