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Welcome to the ancient wisdom of AYURVEDA

After purchasing this course, sign in to the site and scroll down this page to the bottom of this page. Click on the link to module 1. Enjoy!

Step into the world of ancient Ayurvedic health wisdom, bringing inspiration to the way you live, eat, work and play. Over four content-rich unit, clinical nutritionist and Ayurvedic chef Lee Holmes has created a health-learning journey full of bite-sized sections, suitable for everyone, that can reframe the way you care for your body, mind, senses and soul. Including nutrition, doshas, yoga and meditation, this is about a big-picture approach to your wellbeing. Learn how to prevent disease, boost your health and promote longevity, the Ayurvedic way.

Set out over 4 content-rich units, this is perfect entry level experience in a system of healing that truly encompasses mind, body, senses and spirit. You’ll receive beautiful donwloadables including a recipe ebook, yoga asana guide ebook and cheatsheets for balancing your dosha. 

Discover the Ayurvedic concepts of Doshas, Yoga, Gunas, Agni, Ama, eating for your Dosha type, meditation, self-care and more. This highly visual course gives you everything you need to start living a healthier and more self-connected life right now. Whether it’s Ayurvedic fasting for weight loss, or learning to decipher Tastes in food and curate your diet according to any doshic imbalances, you’ll get lots of inspiration from Ayurveda Essentials. 

Naturopaths and Nutritionists will love the practical guidance and tips in this course which can be printed and used as handouts for clients looking to work on body shape diets and to eat with the seasons. Lee infuses traditional eating and living concepts with her extensive experience as a Clinical Nutritionist to bring that extra touch of wisdom and inspiration to foodies and health enthusiasts.

Lee has the magic touch when it comes to translating ancient and profound wisdom into clearly understandable and motivational language. We hope you love this course! 

Course Outline

Learn Ayurveda short course with Lee Holmes

This course unfolds over four units:

  1. Lee introduces you to the guiding principles of Ayurveda and we jump right in to finding out what your dominant Dosha is, and teach you how to eat and live accordingly.
  2. We deepen in our understanding of food, its tastes and effects in our bodies. You’ll learn which type of body shape you have and how to eat accordingly, giving you the power and control to flourish according to your body type.
  3. Lee tells you exactly what you need, step by step, to create your own Ayurvedic kitchen and home pharmacy. You’ll also learn how to eat for the seasons and there’s a beautiful recipe ebook for you to download.
  4. Lee takes you on a self-care journey including the art of Abhyanga (massage), bath rituals, fasting and eating for weight loss as well as guiding your through  a centering and stress-releasing meditation. It’s food for your mind, senses and soul and the perfect way to end this beautiful course.
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About Lee Holmes

Lee Holmes

Meet Lee Holmes, the force behind all things supercharged! Qualified clinical nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, wholefoods chef, and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food series (yes, she wears many hats!). Her ten books include titles like “Eat Yourself Beautiful,” “Heal Your Gut,” and her latest page-turner, “Supercharge Your Life”. 

When she’s not whipping up gut-friendly concoctions in her kitchen, you can find Lee running her wildly successful online health programs, “Heal Your Gut” and “Fast Your Way to Wellness” (no, she doesn’t recommend sprinting through your kitchen… although it could be entertaining). She’s a regular columnist for Wellbeing and Eat Well Magazines, and a regular on ABC Radio. Lee’s articles have been on newsstands across the globe and have been published in prestigious publications like The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Express, and The Australian. 

Her website is a gut health haven, offering powders, blends, and the oh-so-popular Love Your Gut capsules (they’re like tiny superheroes for your tummy). Lee’s award-winning cooking blog is not just any old blog. It’s a treasure trove of S.O.L.E food wonders: sustainable, organic, local, and ethical. You’ll find drool-worthy recipes, tantalizing information, quirky news, product reviews, and menu planning ideas that will make your taste buds tingle with excitement. 

Now that you’re ready to join the supercharged movement, you can connect with Lee across various social media platforms. Just be warned, her contagious energy might have you doing yoga poses while cooking dinner and laughing at her hilarious Instagram reels.  

You can follow her adventures at:

Lee Holmes is here to supercharge your life, tickle your funny bone, and show you that healthy living can be a delicious and joyful adventure. Get ready to laugh, learn, and embark on a journey that will leave you feeling supercharged and ready to conquer the world (or at least the grocery store).  

Contact Lee at  

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