Audiocast: Flower Anatomy

Learn about Flower Anatomy in more detail in this audiocast

Presented by Sulin Sze, Creator of the Wild Medicine Academy, this audiocast goes into detail about the function and form of flowers with explanation of flower terminology used in botany. Recommended for anyone with an interest in plant anatomy including students of botany, herbal medicine, and naturopathy, botanical illustrators, wildcrafters and foragers. Click below to play the audiocast. Reference slides are also provided below that you may wish to refer to as you listen. 

Enjoy Green Hearts!

X Sulin


  • View the flower as a collection of whorls and identify the four whorls of a typical bisexual flower
  • Differentiate between perfect and imperfect flowers based on their whorl structure
  • Be familiar with terms used to describe flowers based on their sexuality

Reference Image

Slide from the 5 minuter: Strategic positions of the Whorls of a Flower

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