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After purchasing this course, sign in to the site and scroll down this page to the bottom. Click on the link to module 1 there. Enjoy!

Elixirs Part 1 takes you into the historical significance, meaning and context of elixir making to gain a firm understanding of the concept of the elixir. After completing module 1 you will understand the mythical associations with elixirs and their role in the history of medicine and healing. You can use this module to deepen your appreciation and experience of herbal medicine making and see this as a transformative process whether you are at a beginner or advanced level of herbalism.

Module 1 is exploratory, philosophical and provides insights into elixir making in key holistic medicine traditions. The module booklet is rich in information, imagery and insights and can be enjoyed with a cup of tea and a snug armchair. Keen students will enjoy the analytical approach to delineating various traditional approaches to elixir making from different herbalism systems throughout the world. Those with a love for connection and those who listen for the whispers of the green world will understand the reverent approach taken to psychoactives herbs with the potential to lift your elixir making to a new level. 

Module 2 puts this theory into practice with the creation of a set of elixirs inspired by the history and culture explored in Module 1 complete with beautiful downloadables and printables. Get that apron ready!

Hear from an Elixirs student:

“The Wild Medicine Academy’s Elixir course is exceptional. I could not recommend or rate the quality, easy to navigate content and beautiful resources more highly. Sulin’s passion, wisdom and knowledge is incredible and I just love the history and exploration of herbal medicine, ancient practices and teachings from all over the world including Egypt, China, Greek, India etc. The entire course from beginning to end comes with incredible support throughout including free webinars, additional resources and online group catch-ups. When we learn and then create the elixirs it feels really special, magical and an honour to be learning it. I now have the confidence and many ideas to make my own magical, medicinal elixirs in the future. Thankyou Sulin.” – Rachel ~ Raw Armour,

Left, Rachel’s photo of two of her elixirs 

The brochure below provides an overview of the curriculum in the complete Elixirs course. Part 1 is comprised of Modules 1 and 2. 

Watch our video about the Elixirs course

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