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Heroines of Herbalism

Welcome to the Heroines of Herbalism elixir making course. This learning journey is an exploration of the contributions of three great women herbalists to herbal medicine since medieval times. Over three units, we celebrate the work of Hildegard von Bingen, Lydia Pinkham and Juliette Baïracli Levy.

Hildegard is a fascinating figure in early holistic medicine, applying scientific practices to the documentation and understanding of herbal medicine well before the advent of biomedicine. She stood firm amid health woes, misogynistic resistance from key male figures in her church, and the limiting life of a Benedictine nun in the Middle Ages. Her written works include the illustrated Rupertsberg manuscript (in Scivias), the ‘Dendermonde Codex’ and the ‘Liber Divinorum Operum’. Her medical texts include ‘Physica’ and ‘Causes and Cures’.

Lydia Pinkham was an innovator and fought bravely for womens rights to natural medicines in 19th century medicine. She gave women an alternative to the drastic, often unhygienic and unnecessary surgical interventions that were regularly prescribed by doctors for common female complaints, and she paved the way for women to take their health into their own hands. Not only did she make waves in herbal medicine but became the most recognizable face in 19th century America with her incredibly successful direct to consumer marketing approach.

Juliette de Bairacli Levy was a modern herbalist with a commitment to learning from nature. She spent decades of her life living with gypsy folk, discovering the art of sustainable nature cure from those who were close to plants and animals and slept under the stars. Juliette was a pioneer for natural veterinary care, reminding us that the gifts of plant medicines are there for the betterment of animal, human and earth. Her many books, poems and stories reveal her compassionate and connected approach to herbalism and she is a beloved figure in the history of herbalism.

This course encompasses three learning units with a bonus unit. It is self paced, online and loving curated with instructional videos and plentiful resources. Learning resources include  fully downloadable module book, recipes, recipe cards, monographs and bottle labels. 

Level of experience required is: familiarity with elixir making. It is not recommended for beginners but is suitable for those with some training in manufacturing herbal medicines. 

There is a dedicated ‘Heroines of Herbalism Herb Bundle’ (pictured below) available for purchase with this course.

The Heroines of Herbalism Herb Bundle kit contains all of the herbs required for you to complete the elixir making exercises in this course. They are pre-measured and ready to go! We don’t provide bottles but recommend 100mL bottles, such as those shown below. 50mL may also be handy with droppers should you wish to drop dose.

All about the Heroines of Herbalism Course

The video below comes from our module introduction and gives you an overview of the course contents and learning goals. For more information feel free to contact us.

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