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Elixirs Webinars Collection

During your Elixirs learning journey, we run webinars and group meetings which helps us to come together as community and share ideas and protocols for improving our elixir practice.  This course is available to Elixirs Complete Course participants during the duration of study. As recordings become available they will be uploaded to this course. 

The Family Myrtaceae Webinar

Join me as we open up a new chapter in your journey in herbalism, our own Native Australian Materia Medica! The Australian biosphere is dominated by Myrtaceae species, many of which possess therapeutically useful phytochemicals and a profound ancient history of indigenous use. It’s time we dive deep into the world of the Myrtaceae family, …

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The Art of the Infusion Webinar

Reimagine the herbal infusion and create delicious, efficacious herbal blends for a range of uses in internal and external herbal preparations Sit back and relax as I take you into the world of a delicious, easy to prepare medicine that suits all ages. The herbal infusion. A simple tea? Just wait, there’s a lot to …

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Heroines of Herbalism

Heroines of Herbalism Welcome to the Heroines of Herbalism elixir making course. This learning journey is an exploration of the contributions of three great women herbalists to herbal medicine since medieval times. Over three units, we celebrate the work of Hildegard von Bingen, Lydia Pinkham and Juliette Baïracli Levy. Hildegard is a fascinating figure in …

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Elixirs Part 2 (Modules 3 & 4)

Elixirs Part 2 is available after purchase or completion of Elixirs Part 1. It is comprised of Modules 3 and 4 and takes you into the depth and refinement of modern elixir making. Module 3 is experiential and will see you making a series of more potent and sophisticated elixirs, adding new layers of dimension …

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Elixirs Part 1 (Modules 1 & 2)

Elixirs Part 1 takes you into the historical significance, meaning and context of elixir making to gain a firm understanding of the concept of the elixir. After completing module 1 you will understand the mythical associations with elixirs and their role in the history of medicine and healing. You can use this module to deepen …

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Elixirs (Complete Course)

Elixirs Complete Course includes all four modules (sixteen units) Elixirs Get your herb-loving heart ready for a delicious dive into the world of elixirs!  We are taking you on a journey into plant medicine, psycho-active herbs, alchemy, ritual and materia medica. In16 learning units infused with beauty and insight, you will make a range of …

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